Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Live Performances on SL10B

Over 300 live performers and DJ's have been accepted to perform at the SL10B celebrations beginning soon.  There will be four stages, Live, Lake, Cake and DJ.  As this is the biggest party to date, there will be simultaneous performances going on across all four stages at any one time. These events are "G" rated so they are suitable for "everyone".

For performers here are a few must dos:  If you have received an email from SLB10 to perform, respond and tell them what software you are using. Performers must acknowledge the email.  Performers will be provided with a stream and are asked to arrive 30 minutes before they go on.  Performers are also asked not to rez more than 350 prims  and to keep the language PG.  Performers can rez a tip jar or group joiner.  Just remember this is your time to shine and celebrate SL !

I have heard that there are many amazing builds going up that are sure to enthrall residents...I can't wait to take a peak!

At this time, the schedule of events is as follows:

May 26Sims open to builders
June 12Final day for building
June 13Sim inspections–sim closed to builders
June 14-15Press Day
June 16Grand Opening
June 23Official Birthday
June 23Final day of performances
June 29Sims close to the public
July 1All builds to be dismantled – sims go offline

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