Monday, June 17, 2013

Culture and Fun's Temple of Culture (and fun) a Must See at Second Life Birthday

A Temple of Culture - photo Frankx Lefavre

A beautiful Egyptian temple is the centerpiece for Culture and Fun's display at SLB10.  Rather than hieroglyphics and paintings of pharaohs and ancient gods, Culture and Fun has an artful display of all things cultural that this lively and friendly group does.

The Culture & Fun group was founded  with the intention to create a universal and international group for all people interested in cultural themes.  The group strives to bring like minded cultural people together while retaining a fun and convivial atmosphere.

Lizzy Pleides, founded the group in the summer of 2010 and the group has quickly gathered a momentum of its own, containing all aspects of culture and creativity, such as history, music, philosophy, literature, poetry , fine arts and much more.

Because of the global reach of Second Life, the members of Culture and Fun come from all parts of the world, and this diversity creates a vibrancy in learning and sharing ideas and concepts.  They have  grown and continue to learn from one another and more importantly realize that we are all one big family on this little dust particle in the universe.

Join Culture and Fund to learn about events, explorations, and exhibitions sponsored by the group inworld.  The area is located on  Stupendous.

This past spring the Culture and Fun organized a highly successful series of Classical Concerts and Dances and hope to continue this growing tradition.

Culture and Fun also sponsors regular events including:

Music events
7 songs, a list chosen by a member, to be played each Tuesday and discussed... (or not!) on the Culture and fun land.

Classical music balls Sunday ball at Ger-Y-Lli each Sunday evening
Mid-week ball... at Ger Y Lli : classicals favorites, to dance to, or just listen and enjoy...
Tuesday ball in Blue Lagoon.

Live poetry sessions, located in various sims, where people read poetry on voice, twice a week.

In RL the group has lively discussions on Facebook with fantastic art, photos and dessert ideas!   The group also has a fantastic page on Flickr that is worth checking out.

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