Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Must See at SL 10th Birthday – Time Capsule Exhibit Will Webb SL's Museum Curator

Will Webb and the Time Capsule
The Time Capsule is a traditional part of SL’s birthday celebrations. It is used to contain items donated by SL residents, which are placed on display at future SL Birthday celebrations.

Initially SL time capsules were designed to give residents a chance to leave something tangible of themselves for later generations.  The original capsule, the Beta Capsule, was created at the end of the SL Beta phase and buried under Governor Linden's mansion, on June 23rd 2003.  At the 3rd Birthday, SL3B, the tradition was created to have a time capsule at every future birthday celebration to showcase how designs progressed and evolved.

Image from 2004
The keeper of the time capsule and this beloved tradition since 2007 is Will Webb.  “I was involved with organizing SL4B and got handed the time capsule display; I just kind of kept it going from there.  I enjoy keeping the history of SL alive and I am honored to be able to do this.  In many ways, the time capsule seems to have grown up along side of me in SL.”

 Will Webb is truly an SL Curator because the Time Capsule Exhibit is like a museum of SL history because of the things it contains. “We ask residents to put anything they like into the display as it relates to SL’s current birthday celebration.  A selection of items in the time capsule will be displayed at every future SL Birthday celebration, as it is a way of remembering the past as well as a way to look forward which is the theme of this year’s time capsule; Looking Forward, Looking Back.

The time capsule
Everyone is welcome to add a special build or image to this year’s time capsule and Will encourages this.  He has outlined a few parameters to follow in terms of submitting items:

Items should relate to or commemorate SL’s 10th Birthday Celebration

Keep your design relatively low prim.

Keep the size manageable; the SL3B vault was 6m cubed, this is at the top end of the scale.

Items should be full perm. This makes it easier to edit them for future displays (for example resizing).

NoMod items are accepted, but may impose difficulties when trying to fit them into possible future displays.
Some particle activity is OK, but please keep it manageable: no huge firework displays.
NoCopy/NoTrans items will be rejected, as this makes it impossible to adequately back up the time capsule and its contents. 

Visit this extraordinary exhibit located at the Wonderous Sim at and make sure to contribute to SL’s time capsule.  I think Mr. X and I will put something wonderful into the capsule, as this has been a very good year for us to commemorate.  

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