Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something Fishy at the Home Garden & Breedable Expo!

Mr. X and I love our time down under… under the water that is… he always tells me I am his beloved siren of the sea….

 As we swam to our temple… he told me he had a surprise for me… something that he found at the Home and Garden Expo.  Mr. X told me the tale (while looking at my tail) of Odyssey Breedable Sea Horses located on the Breedable Sim.  

These mystical creatures made by DeepSeaOdyssey are designed for simplicity while providing trait combinations that will please both the casual and serious breeder in SL.

The main purpose of making Odyssey is to provide residents with a friendly breedable that is a collectable to everyone.  The breeding is fair, you don’t have to invest hours of valuable time or use multiple mates to hope you might get something good.  

Everything is mystic.  Everything is fair.  Anyone can obtain a "rare" seahorse.  The Rarity is what the person makes of it!

 Odyssey seahorses breed mysteriously and love to dine on mystical crystal shards that glimmer in the deep depths.  I have been told that sea horses are asexual and off springs are independent of their parents. Raising seahorses is easy and fun; all that has to be done to raise a healthy reef is to follow the breeding requirements.

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For full information and all the latest updates, please visit the Home and Garden Expo website:

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