Friday, May 31, 2013

In Orbit with Mr. X.... and Home and Garden Expo Find......

Mr. X asked me if I had seen the stars tonight…and invited me to take a stroll to bright Andromeda with him.  Smiling, he said, I have a minimal surprise for you.   It seems that Mr. X found a new home for the Home and Garden Expo.  He found a striking white house called Orbit House made by Cherelle Capra owner of [Circa] Living.

Modern design is a trend these days especially for those people whose main focus is the function of their home. Aside from that, the clean look of modern interiors is what makes homeowners love this type of concept, which is clutter free and minimal.  Suffice it to say that simplicity defines this "Orbit". 

The house features glass walls that open completely to the outside living area. 

The open spaces upstairs have recessed lighting with views that go on forever.  Anyone who claims minimalism in music, painting, furniture, room design or interior decor is a matter of simplicity is missing the point: the challenge of keeping things ‘simple’ is actually exceedingly complex and this house keeps things simple in a stellar manner.

Orbit uses traditional modern colors inside and out that include a neutral color palette and carefully planned and controlled clean lines in its construction. 

 Sitting on a the patio swing by Dorian in a fabulous garden consisting of the Memory Tree and accented with purple garden roses and spring field grass (purple) by Garden Feast  

I think of Mr. X and how the house is embraced by a necklace of stars and flowers just as his heart is embraced by mine.

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