Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Violator’s Fame is Out of this World

I felt spring today in the lavender breeze of purple crocus’s and playful yellow daffodils. 

Stepping out on my sim I found a box that said Violator…and a note from Mr. X… “Darling it is that time of year again when the earth renews itself… a time of innocence…and decadent rebirth…I saw you last night in my dreams – dressed like the most glorious flower in royal purple with swirls of lavender-- feathers, sheer silk, tendrils and flowing robes…. wear this for me…it is out of this world.”

I love to beguile Mr. X….and Soraya Vaher CEO of Violator has created a new dress appropriately called FAME and it  is out of this world… and everything that Mr. X can imagine and more…..

This dress is like a purple Khamsin wind caressing the landscape…. at twilight…as the night arrives with her purple legions… I  step out into the star studded night and dance…

Fame is sexy it swirls and sways around your body and has strategically placed flowers that are bound to entice… the veils of this dress are captivating…and yes, otherworldly…

I wait for Mr. X – in lavender, lace and platinum --- I imagine kissing him– amid a fragrant sea of lavender flowers under the glistening night.... Fame is made for a night like this……

Fame is a Special Release for Hollywood

For RL Designs

Violator – Dress - Fame – Purple
Violator – Chain of Command Boots platinum
Violator – Hair – Rough Attitude – platinum
Violator- Necklace and Earrings – Renaissance Silver
Violator – bracelets and armbands – Time Stood Still – silver
VJ Gallathea – Gold Ring
Eyelashes – Detour – Thorn
Eye make up – Madrid Solo – Twice Shy

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