Thursday, April 18, 2013

7Deadly Skins – “Envy” & Mr. X

Mr. X and I had a bit of drama recently… all centered on “Envy”.  There is perhaps no phenomenon, which contains so much destructive feeling as moral indignation, which permits envy to be acted out under the guise of virtue. We all have met him (or her)… the ultimate narcissist… motivated by egotism, vanity, pride, and yes, envy.

In many ways, I think envy flourishes in those that are empty inside.  Invidia, Latin for envy, translates as "nonsight” – I like to think if envy were a tangible shape it would be a boomerang.

In terms of this skin aptly named Envy, just released by 7DS, wear it if you want to be envied for your distinction and beauty.  This skin is scintillating and sexy…sure to set hearts on fire!  Once again, Envy comes with many options from carefully shaded cleavage to sexy freckles that will ignite more than one of the deadly sins.

To accentuate “envy” I am wearing the Eshi Otawars’s B wants B gets -- a sexy outfit that is the envy of the grid --- it features a short leather mini skirt, sleek leggings so tight and wow, and a sexy top with a fabulous jacket that makes me puffed up and wanting to strut my stuff… yes… I want to be envied… do you? 

The perfect hair, necklace and earrings are creations of the amazing Soyara Vaher CEO of Violator.  A piercing platinum choker that leads the eye to the skin’s beautifully shaded cleavage is the perfect accent to this outfit – it is appropriately called… All Things Forbidden --- how can you resist that?  It is one of my all time favorites.  The hair, also created by violator is called L’ age d’ or-silver.

One of the greatest things drama can do is to redefine words we use every day, love, loyalty, honor and yes, Mr. X we are stronger than ever…as a loving heart is the truest wisdom.

Dress: Eshi Otawara  and boots – B wants B gets -
For real life Eshi Art --

Skin: Envy  by 7 Deadly s[K]ins-

Hair and Jewelry – All the Forbidden Things and hair - L’ age d’ or-silver.

 Photo Studio: Multiple Avatar Mesh Studio
This is the most powerful mesh photography studio built by Sparkie Hallard I have found in SL.  It not only holds unlimited avatars but the textures and avatars can be moved. There is no pose stand needed and you can rotate your avatar 360.  The size of the studio can be changed and comes with 110 animations, a series of different emitters and 75 textures.  It is also easy to add your own textures and AO.  It has a Flickr button to take you to the Flickr website to upload your photos and has a lighting drop menu that is easy to use and lets you control the intensity.

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