Sunday, February 3, 2013

Violated and Lost in a Lost World with Mr. X

We woke early to watch the ghostly mist of  the moonrise reveal the magnificent forest and the temples...adorned with elaborate bas-reliefs and sculptures.  Earlier Mr. X dropped a box from Violator -- A Midsummer Dream in Lilac... it is stunning and flows around my body like a river of timeless delight... beckoning always....

Mr. X takes my hand as we explore temples lost in the jungle....whose shrines remain tangled in  the  roots of kapok and fig trees.  We wander past dozens of colossal stone faces that stare out as night brings her purple legions and the sun sets.

Meandering hand and hand we enter the dream ... lost in each others a lost world... a place where heaven lay close upon the earth with long sequences of lavender and light filtered through the essence of lime...air as gentle as jasmine and his eyes... never leave mine.

Dress: Violator - Midsummer dream - lilac
Hair: Emo-tions - Shena - Flames
Head Tattoo - Madrid Solo - Blue Stone
Sim Antennaria By Dimento Babenco (some for sale -- Im for information)

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