Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The “Code” is Sophisticated Glamour – New Dress by Sonatta Morales

It is night… a flippant evening in Berlin.  When I step into the restaurant, I hand my coat to the waiter revealing a slinky silk bias cut dress in black of course called Code.  I look around the room --- Mr. X is not here… yet.

This is one of Sonatta Morales new dresses aptly named Code and can be found in her new shop in the “Top Secret” room. Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow or Marlene Dietrich would have worn this dress with great flair and so can you.

Code is elegantly proportioned and sleek exuding the red carpet glamour of the 1930’s.  What is most eye catching about this dress is it’s simple sophistication that exposes the sensuality of a woman’s body… leaving the eye yearning for more.

The V-cut is a perfect example of how the ‘30s showed the backside (called the new “erogenous zone”) more than ever before.

The delicate lace embellished with pearls adds just the right touch of feminine style.

The realistic texture of the dress is black silk satin and shows the skill of Sonatta while the style of the dress itself shows her knowledge of this golden era.

The rolled hairstyle  is called  Alinda adds to the look and the pearl and gold rose necklace and earings add just the right amount of glitz to the look. 

 Dress: Code: Sonatta Morales
Hair: Alinda: Sonatta Morales
Necklace and Earings: Sonatta Morales

All shot in Berlin... at the Adlon Hotel....

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