Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sensual Haiku and Mr. X

In the moonlight
the color and scent of wisteria
seems far away......

Where is Mr. X......                                         

Breeze comes in sudden puffs,
Turning a pond with springtime face,
Into rippling waves.
She idles along the scented path,
To while away the hour,
Teasing a pair of mandarin ducks
And pinching the pistil of a red almond flower.

On a banister watching ducks, she leans around,
Her jade hairpin, slanting down.
All the time she waited for her date,
But he never shows up at the gate.
Then she looks up to see a magpie
Calling out for her to wait.

Sim Build - Frankx Lefavre drop him a notecard...he is that good!
Dress: Azul: Japan National Costume: Mandarin (new)
Earings: Finesmith: desert winds
Bracelet: Finesmith: Folieole amber:
Necklace: candy corn Finesmith:
Hair: Emo-tions: Tess: flames:
Lashes: Redgrave #19 Diva: 

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