Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mr. X and Tantra --- Shakti By Eshi Otawara

Mr. X left a beautiful packaged gift box  on my sim... the card said.... "with love to the darling Tantric Goddess of my heart....." With a name like Sita, whose origins go back to a romantic hindu myth of a princess, I  wondered what on earth could be in the package left for me. I was immediately intrigued when I saw it was a gift box from the shop of  Eshi, one of my all time favorite designers in SL.   Bemused, I thought, how good Mr. X is to me.

Inside the box I found a glistening new set of face jewelry called Shakti... a hindi  word that can be roughly translated to mean sacred empowering force.  A spiritual essence representing the primordial energy of the cosmos... pretty heady stuff to think about.  It is believed that Shakti embodies the ultimate power and creativity of woman and the source of all energy that radiates... Eshi's latest gem creation certainly  reflects all of this phenomena.

Shakti is the most amazing  face jewelry to be found anywhere on the grid.  It glows with teardrop gems, two styles of earings one large and one smaller sized option as well as artfully placed piercings on the upper lip and two on the chin.  Eyebrows made of gemstones and bejeweled eyes are perfectly proportioned and complimented by an elegant  bindi drop with magnificent sprays of energy.  I am a radiant goddess when I wear this! 

Most impressive of all, Shakti comes with a color hud that is really simple to use.  The gems are copyable so you can manipulate as many colored versions as you like of these beautiful embellishments that do not lie on your face like a one dimensional tattoo, rather they add depth and beauty.

Speaking of  beauty, Mr. X is here and has asked me to join him on his island -- a serene place of forested hills overlooking the ocean with japanese temples in the distance for a special surprise...

Face Jewelry - Eshi Otawara - Shakti
Hair - Eshi Otawara - Fantasy Bun - Snow
Necklace- Violator - Chatelaine - Haute Jewelry- white (all jewelry 50% off till the end of January)

This is the most powerful mesh photography studio built by Sparkie Hallard I have found in SL.  It not only holds unlimited avatars but the textures and avatars can be moved. There is no pose stand needed and you can rotate your avatar 360.  The size of the studio can be changed and comes with 110 animations, a series of different emitters and 65 textures.  It is also easy to add your own textures and AO.  It has a Flickr button to take you to the Flickr website to upload your photos and has a lighting drop menu that is easy to use and lets you control the intensity. 

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