Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Releases... Glowing in Zuri Antique Pearls and Azul MVW Gowns.....

The excuse to be opulent…
 Zuri and Azul and Mr. X… it’s the New Year and time to be spoiled….Mr. X left me two boxes… isn’t he just amazing! 

Inside the first box, I found… a treasure trove of gems by Zuri called Antique Pearls V2 … lustrous antique pearls and peridots… earrings, necklace, bracelet, and matching diadem… he knows I have a weakness for green—the color of renewal.

A glamorous peridot and pearl necklace beautifully crafted by Zuri is a perfect compliment for the MVW dress called “Anjelica MVW” worn by my dear friend Anjelica Carling, the reigning MVW who is beautiful – in all ways…inside and out.  I had the pleasure to interview her in the hot off the presses SL Fierce Magazine…. – don’t miss this interview. This dress is perfect in all ways… it is sleek and slender…a shimmering delight… you will feel like MVW wearing it ! 

To go with this beautiful set, Zuri has made long drop peridot and pearl earrings that are classic with a touch of art deco elegance and a beautiful diadem that enhances your face especially when wearing an up up and away Up do! Note the antique latch on the bracelet that inspires authenticity.

 The antique pearl set comes in dark gold, platinum, gold and mocha gold with complimenting gemstones of ruby, peridot, diamonds, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, onyx, and citrine.  If you wear your group tag with these new releases, you get a 25% instant refund!  Above I  am wearing Antique Pearls in Citrine and Olive Dark Gold.

Another MVW newly released gown by Azul called Mio flows that on the breeze like sandalwood incense  and pairs beautifully with citrine and olive in dark gold.  It is elegant and not mesh so for those of you that struggle a bit with mesh...or don't have the right viewer his gown is fit for an empress and comes in many striking colors.


Jewelry By Zuri - Antique Pearls V2 With Matching Diadem in Peridot and Antique Pearls in Citrine and Olive Dark Gold

Gown - “Anjelica MVW” in peridot  - Azul
Gown – Mio (MVW 2013) Miss Singapore – Topaz – Azul

Hair: Tukinowaguma

This is the most powerful mesh photography studio built by Sparkie Hallard I have found in SL.  It not only holds unlimited avatars but the textures and avatars can be moved. There is no pose stand needed and you can rotate your avatar 360.  The size of the studio can be changed and comes with 110 animations, a series of different emitters and 65 textures.  It is also easy to add your own textures and AO.  It has a Flickr button to take you to the Flickr website to upload your photos and has a lighting drop menu that is easy to use and lets you control the intensity. 

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