Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sneak Peak -- DJ Area at SLB10 - Mr. X & Resun

Outside of the DJ Area
I promised a few sneak peaks.  If you like steam punk combined with elements of deconstructivism then you will love the DJ stage area called "Incredible"  at SL’s birthday party that is slated to start June 16th.  This build is very much like a missile silo. 

Inside the DJ Area!
Steam punk is a neo-retro aesthetic that borrows imagery from the Industrial Revolution and Victorian eras and has influenced everything from literature and product design to fashion and fine art. 

In a nutshell, steampunk can be defined, as a neo vintage twist on 19th century industrial looks combined with quirky Victorian motifs. 

There are also shades of Deconstructivism in this build which is a postmodern architectural style characterized by the fragmentation of non-rectilinear shapes which appear to distort and dislocate elements of architecture, such as structure and envelope

The finished visual appearance of buildings that exhibit deconstructivist "styles" is characterized by unpredictability and controlled chaos.

There are four stage areas and over 300 performers expected.  This will be the biggest SL party ever.

Mr. X has given me Brown Iris by Resun… he thinks that the gold shirt embellished with flowers is sexy and feminine at the same time --- a deadly combination if there ever was one – just like me he says smiling.

The chocolate brown pants are sleek and formfitting with a leather belt accented with a gold buckle.  Oh Mr. X and I will be dancing up a storm at SLB10 for sure… see you there!

At this time, the schedule of events is as follows:

June 12
Final day for building
June 13
Sim inspections–sim closed to builders
June 14-15
Press Day
June 16
Grand Opening
June 23
Official Birthday
June 23
Final day of performances
June 29
Sims close to the public
July 1
All builds to be dismantled – sims go offline

Finesmith – Desert Wind Necklace and bracelets and nails

Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins- Envy Skin Tone 2

Hair – Emotions – tender blonde

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